Wrap Ups

August Wrap Up

Remember when I said I read a lot in July? Well I TAKE THAT BACK because August has officially been my best reading month...well, in the history of ever. I was coasting at a solid seven books and I thought I was doing pretty good with one book left on my TBR for the month.… Continue reading August Wrap Up

Wrap Ups

July Wrap Up

So July was a weirdly over-productive reading month for me. I don't know how it happened, but I read nine books and almost a tenth. Who even am I?! I'm still questioning whether this is real life because I honestly don't know where I found all that free reading time. Although there is the fact… Continue reading July Wrap Up

Wrap Ups

May & June Wrap Up

May defied my expectations! Somehow I managed to read NINE BOOKS?! It hardly seems possibly considering how busy I've been lately but I did it and I'm feeling a sense of pride at my accomplishment. It's funny because I set out to read six books only to get sucked into a romance binge and ended… Continue reading May & June Wrap Up

Monthly TBR


I've been feeling pretty great about setting a monthly tbr for myself lately because it's been helping me stay on top of my reading. When I first started doing them back in December I didn't think I would last this long considering I procrastinate HARD. I've never really been one for goal setting and I… Continue reading May TBR

Monthly TBR

April TBR

I still can't believe I actually completed my TBR last month! I'm still in shock that I managed to do it considering my track record since I started doing this. But this month I'm treating myself to a few books that I'm absolutely stoked for. It's also time to get back into the swing of… Continue reading April TBR

Monthly TBR

March TBR

This month I've decided to decrease the amount of books I'm telling myself to read because so far I haven't completed a full TBR since I started doing this. Last month I managed to read 3 out of the 7 I chose, which is pretty bad. Four of these books are the ones I didn't… Continue reading March TBR

Monthly TBR

February TBR

Well last month I did pretty good on my tbr, but I moved three to this month that I didn't get to. I'm even more determined this month to read those Leigh Bardugo books, especially with King of Scars out now. I've been saying I'll read them for months, but I keep putting them off.… Continue reading February TBR

Monthly TBR

January TBR

Since I made a tbr for last month I figured I might as well try to keep going and see if it helps motivate me to read! I also failed last month (HARD), but I feel like this helps me to narrow down what I want/have to read for the month. Then I won't be… Continue reading January TBR

Monthly TBR

December TBR

I've thought long and hard about committing myself to doing a monthly tbr, but if it helps my indecisiveness then I'm all for it! My reading mood is always changing so I put a few genres in here to spice things up a bit. Obviously I don't expect to read ALL of these, but I… Continue reading December TBR


My Goodreads Goal and Why I Set One

Over the past few days with New Year's Eve and everyone out there making resolutions they either may or may not go through with, I have seen a lot of discussion over Goodreads/reading goals. Personally, I'm a huge fan of the Goodreads platform because I find it to be extremely helpful in tracking the books… Continue reading My Goodreads Goal and Why I Set One