September Book Haul

35384793This month’s motto: “treat yo’self.” I think I got a little carried away in my purchases and even indulged myself with a couple of audio books, which I had never tried out before. It was an35529904 interesting experience, but I think I’ll stick to the physical and ebooks in the future.  Continue reading

August Book Haul

I’m slowly gaining some sense of self-control back after my book-buying binge. It’s so satisfying to say that I only bought ONE book this month! All the other books I got were sent by publishers for review. Can someone please give me a high five or a gold star? I feel like this is a huge moment for me and I can’t wait to keep it up. Maybe purchasing one book a month is a good start. It’s nice not to feel the pressure to have something right away and it feels good to reward myself every once in a while rather than spoil myself and kill my bank account.  Continue reading

July Book Haul

I was impressed with my self-control this month and I almost went an entire month without buying books until Indigo decided to have an epic sale. I mean, I couldn’t pass up on the points, right? So throughout the entire month I got five books all in one big splurge.

22247695After reading Anna and the French Kiss last month, I’ve been meaning to get my hands on the other two books. So my collection is finally complete! I fell in love with Anna and St. Clair’s love story and since I read that they make appearances in the other books, I had to check them out! Plus, everyone says they love this series and I can’t blame them. Stephanie Perkins has such a way with words. She makes you want to laugh, scream, cry and throw the book all at once. But, in a good way, obviously. Hopefully I can hold off on finishing this series and get to some of the books I’ve had collecting dust on my shelf for a while. Continue reading

June Book Haul

So this month was the smallest haul I’ve had in a while! I’m super impressed with my self-control as of late and I’m hoping to continue my book-buying ban for the next long while. Here are this month’s spoils:

Image result for harry potter gryffindor edition Continue reading

May Book Haul


So I managed to contain myself a bit more this month! I did have a bunch of pre-ordered books that came and all of them came early (thanks Indigo!). I can’t wait to read all of these when I get the chance because I’ve heard great things and have been anticipating some of them for a while. Continue reading

April Book Haul

2813153SO I tried to be good this month (I really did), but somehow I ended up getting all these books to add to my TBR pile whichEverything, Everything is basically a black hole by now, sucking everything it can into it. I’m finding lately that I’ve been getting into contemporary books more and more, and it’s like a whole new world out there that I have yet to explore.
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