[Review] Don’t Kiss the Bride by Carian Cole

Title: Don’t Kiss the Bride
Author: Carian Cole
Release Date: January 31, 2021

I guess you could say I was a damsel in distress, and he was my knight in shining armor.

But more accurately, I was a girl with a lot of bad luck, and he was a guy with a lot of muscles and tattoos.

Jude “Lucky” Lucketti wasn’t just a sexy, brooding construction worker. He was my own personal hero who seemed to be in all the right places at the right times. Like when my car broke down and I needed a ride home, and when I face planted on the sidewalk right in front of him and had to be taken to the emergency room.

Those weren’t exactly my best moments, but they were his.

We became friends, and it didn’t matter that he was sixteen years older than me. We had a lot in common—like our love of old rock music and vintage fast cars, and our aversion to relationships.

When he approached me with a crazy idea to help me out, I couldn’t say no.

The arrangement was supposed to be temporary. A marriage on paper and nothing else.

It should’ve been easy, but it wasn’t.

Because here I am, eighteen years-old, still in high school, and married to a man I was never supposed to fall in love with.

We had just one rule—no kissing the bride.

But we broke that rule, and it sealed our fate forever.divider_line (1)Review:

I obsessed over Torn by Carian Cole last year so obviously I had to pick up this age gap, marriage of convenience romance immediately! Let’s just say I have an unhealthy obsession with Jude now. If a big, rugged, tattooed man calling a girl Sparkles doesn’t make you swoon then how about his cookie obsession or the fact that he makes a mean cup of hot chocolate? He is my total spirit animal. I also respected the hell out of Skylar for wanting to pay her own way and not taking the easy way out. She had goals and didn’t let her rough childhood keep her from her future. There are also cute animals including a cat named Fluffle-Up-A-Gus. Did I mention that it has mental health and eating disorder rep? Also their first kiss was so perfectly imperfect and made me melt. I’m here for alllll the accidental kissing! At one point I was just picturing him fixing up her car all shirtless and just thought I’d combust. If you’re looking for a story with strong parallels to Birthday Girl (minus the whole my ex-boyfriend’s dad trope) then you’re looking in the right place! I loved the friendship they built and their connection was just so strong. This story takes two down on their luck people and brings them together to heal. It’s a total slow burn with tons of cute and steamy moments. Honestly, my only issue was that  the dialogue was a bit stiff at times, but the romance more than made up for it.

CW: mental health, eating disorders, drug abuse, bullying.

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