[Review] Exodus by Kate Stewart

Title: Exodus (Ravenhood #2)
Author: Kate Stewart
Release Date: July 31, 2020

Can you live a lie?

It’s a ghost town, this place that haunts me, the one that made me.
It’s clear to me that I’ll never outgrow Triple Falls or outlive the time I spent
I can still feel them all, my boys of summer.
Even when I’d sensed the danger, I gave in.
I didn’t heed a single warning. I let my sickness, my love, both rule and ruin
me. I played my part, eyes wide open, tempting fate until it delivered.
There was never going to be an escape.
All of us are to blame for what happened. All of us serving our own
sentences. We were careless and reckless, thinking our youth made us
indestructible, exempt from our sins, and it cost us all.
I’m done pretending I didn’t leave the largest part of me between these
hills and valleys, between the sea of trees that hold my secrets.
It’s the reason I’m back. To make peace with my fate.
And if I can’t grieve enough to cure myself in my time here, I’ll remain sick.
That will be my curse.
But it’s time to confess, to myself more so than any other, that I’d hindered
my chances because of the way I was built, and because of the men who built me.
At this point, I just want to make peace with who I am, no matter what
ending I get.

Because I can no longer live a lie.divider_line (1)

I AM SCREAMING. Let me just go pick my bleeding heart up off the floor and stick it back in my empty chest. I was left reeling after Flock and didn’t know what to expect from its sequel but WOW did I not see that coming at all. This somehow took what was set in place in the first book and basically put it in a blender and somehow gave me more than I thought I deserved. It’s almost like Flock was just a dangerous dream, but Exodus splashed a bucket of cold water on me and I woke up. If you love romantic suspense, danger, conspiracy, girls with claws and mostly toxic relationships that definitely won’t end well, then this is what your dark heart needs. It’s smart, sexy, poetic, beautiful, terrifying, and there is a THIRD BOOK?! I’m glad I have time to recover before it releases because this one broke me. But seriously, you need it.

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