Books I Read in 2020

Well, last year was kind of miracle year for me reading-wise. I did go in with all these goals like ‘read more fantasy’ and ‘finish some book series’ but 2020 kind of took me for a wild ride. Somehow I fell down the romance hole and became addicted to my Kindle and I’m so glad it happened, but at the same time I could hear my physical tbr screaming at me in the background. Last year turned out to be my best year for reading, ever. I set my goal for 70 thinking it was a reasonable amount and I ended up almost tripling it at 168.

How did I do it? I honestly don’y know, but I do think that challenging myself to read every day, whether it be 10 pages or 100 really helped. Reading before bed became a good routine for me as well and I’m going to take that with me into 2021 as well. I think throughout 2020 I maybe didn’t read one whole day and I consider that to be a major accomplishment.

How did I not fall into a book slump? Well, I didn’t give myself room to think about what I was reading. I just jumped right into the next book without giving into the anxiety of choosing my next read. Last year I feel like I rediscovered myself as a reader and really challenged myself to try new things.

What did I learn? Romance brings me the most joy, pure and simple. It used to be just a buffer genre for me between reads, but I’m finding out just how much I really love it. There are so many sub-genres I still need to explore, but that’s going to be a 2021 thing!

Without further ado, I present you with all the books I read in 2020 (minus some I didn’t track because I binged HARD):

What did you read in 2020? Any goals for 2021? What genre(s) did you read the most? Did you read more or less?

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