So You Want to Read Romance: Steamy Edition

I’ve been reading romance for quite a while now and I always love sharing the books I love with others so I figured I’d kind of set up a romance how-to for beginners or just in general for people who want to broaden their reading experience within the romance genre. I am by no means an expert and I love these lists because no reader will ever have the exact same taste so you’ll always come out with something different. I will keep adding as I find new faves to recommend!

This list is going to include all those super sexy, sometimes dark, edgy with a dash of taboo romances. I’m talking those steamy office romances, age gaps, maybe a little ménage action. Basically the classic ‘not-your-mother’s’ romance books that are totally risqué and are liable to make you hot and bothered and/or straight up red in the face and fanning yourself.


Taboo/Age Gap

MÉnage/Reverse Harem


What are some of your favourite steamy reads? Let me know in the comments!

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