[Review] The Kane Trilogy by Stylo Fantôme

Title: The Kane Trilogy
Author: Stylo Fantôme
Publication Date: July 20, 2014

Eighteen-year-old Tatum O’Shea is a naive, shy, little rich girl. Twenty-three-year-old Jameson Kane is smart, seductive, and richer. They come together for one night, one explosion, one mistake, and Tate is hurled into space—no family, no money, and no Jameson.

Seven years later, life is going pretty good for Tate, when she runs into Jameson again. This time, she thinks she’s ready for him. She doesn’t have a naive bone left in her body, and she can’t even remember what shy feels like. Jameson has evolved, as well—sharp words, sharper wit, and a tongue that can cut her in half. It all sounds like fun to a woman like Tate, and she is ready to play, determined to prove that she isn’t the same girl he conquered once before. A series of games start, each one more devious than the last.

But as the line between games and reality becomes blurry, Tate quickly learns that Jameson has most definitely earned his nickname, “Satan.” Can she beat him at his own game before someone gets hurt? Or will he leave her soulless, making him the winner, once and for all?

WARNING: contains a wannabe B-rate porn star, an impersonal personal assistant, and the F-word, A LOT. Also graphic sexual situations and sadomasochistic themes. divider_line (1)Review:

Where to even begin with this series? I did love it enough to binge all three books, but I was kind of at war with myself over it at the same time. This series pulled me in, put me through the emotional wringer, set my heart on fire, and spit me out again. It’s so easy to love and hate it at the same time because while it’s a slow seduction, it kind of drags you to hell and back. If you’re looking for a darker romance where basically all of the characters are partly or mostly sadists, then this is the series for you. I would say it reminded me of Bared to You, Vicious, and Corrupt but it it kind of on a whole new level in terms of how far Tatum and Jameson’s little games go. That being said, this book is hot with a capital ‘H’. I did have some issues in terms of their sexual relationship, though. Especially with the demeaning names Jameson liked to call her including, but not limited to slut and whore. I was also thrown for a total loop with Jameson’s character, too, because he was so completely hot and hold and it was almost like his character didn’t align with his dialogue at certain points. Tatum was a total free spirit and I kind of wanted to shake her at some points because she wouldn’t let herself just be happy. Also, I just want to say Sanders is my fave and he’s just so precious and needs a huge hug! You’ll enjoy this series if you like:

-taboo/erotic romance with enemies-to-lovers and a slight age gap
-porn star best friends with part time benefits
-loads of F-bombs and dirty talk that will practically short circuit your brain
-bossy alpha males with dark needs and a Satan-like personality
-drama, drama, drama!
-women with a devil-may-care attitude who love to self-destruct
-tons of jealousy and revenge
-open relationships without labels
-stolen cars and almost-drownings
-cat fights

Now, be warned. This book does deal with a ton of sensitive topics including: sexual assault, abusive relationships, overdosing, and more. 

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