[Review] The Takeover by T.L. Swan

Title: The Takeover (The Miles High Club #2)
Author: T.L. Swan
Publication Date: August 27, 2020

In bestselling author T L Swan’s second hot installment to the Miles High Club series, he’s sexy, rich, and her mortal enemy. Hate never felt so good.

I first met Tristan Miles at a meeting where he was trying to take over my late husband’s company.

He was powerful, arrogant, and infuriatingly gorgeous, and I hated him with every cell in my body. In the shock of the century, he called me three days later and asked me on a date.

I would rather die than date a man like him—though I do have to admit it was good for the ego. Turning him down was the highlight of my year.

Six months later, he was the guest speaker at a conference I attended in France.

Still arrogant and infuriating—but this time, surprisingly charming and witty.

When he looked at me, I got butterflies.

But I can’t go there.

He’s just a player in a hot suit, and I’m just a widow with three unruly sons.

I just need this conference to be over.

Because everybody knows that Tristan Miles always gets what he wants…and what he wants is me.
divider_line (1)Review: 

I’ve been craving this sequel since I read The Stopover earlier in the year and I have to say I was not expecting it to bring me to tears from laughing so hard! There is some pure comedy gold in this book–don’t let the cover fool you! Tristan Miles is such a multi-dimensional man because you have the office powerhouse and then there’s a softer, goofy side. You’ll love this romance if you’re into:

-age gaps (younger man, anyone??)
-single mothers with children ready to fight off potential lovers (I just about DIED during one part)
-one night stands that turn into sexy semi-flings
-hate to love (tons of push and pull in this one)
-charming men in suits who go after what they want

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