[Review] How to Date a Younger Man by Kendall Ryan

Title: How to Date a Younger Man
Author: Kendall Ryan
Publication Date: July 20th 2020

Tips for Surviving a Fling with a Sexy Younger Man

First, you’d think as a thirty-something-year-old woman, I’d be immune to Griffin’s flirty comments and six-pack abs. You’d think that his carefree playboy attitude, or the fact that he’s still finishing grad school, would deter me.

You’d be wrong.

If you accidentally bang your best friend’s younger brother, here are a few important tips . . .

One: Do not brag to your friend about how well-endowed her brother is.

Two: Do not go back for seconds (or thirds).

Three: Do not let him see your muffin top or jiggly behind. And definitely don’t let him feed you cookies in bed. Cookies are bad. Remember that.

Four: Act like a damn grown-up and apologize for riding him like a bull at the rodeo. And do not flirt with him when he laughs at said apology.

Five: This one is crucial, so pay attention.

Do not, under any circumstances, fall in love with him.divider_line (1)Review: I’ve definitely been on the hunt for age gap romances and it’s always refreshing to get one where the woman is older. This one was definitely cute and I love how the relationship between Griffin and Layne was set up! There was a clear focus on their friendship with him being there for Layne as she dealt with breakup after breakup trying to find Mr. Right. For her, time is running out to get the endgame she wants. But when the tears come out, so does the tequila and what are a few margaritas between friends…right? This story was sweet, slowburny goodness where the guy gets the girl…eventually. I did find that the ending was a bit rushed and that was a bit disappointing, but the rest of the story more than makes up for it!

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