[Review]: The (Half) Truth by Leddy Harper

*I received a copy of this title from the publisher in exchange for an honest review*

Title: The (Half) Truth
Author: Leddy Harper
Publisher: Montlake Romance
Publication Date: February 19, 2019

From bestselling author Leddy Harper comes a sizzling romance about an aspiring young chef who may discover that the perfect recipe for love involves all accidental ingredients…

Tatum Alexander is so close to realizing her dream of becoming a sous chef she can taste it, but working at her ex-fiancé’s restaurant with his new girlfriend was never in her career plan. To save face and prove she’s moved on, Tatum cooks up a lie that she’s in a relationship with her best friend’s superhot cousin. There’s just one problem: Jason only recently moved to town, and he has no idea they’re already “dating.”

Jason’s a recovering ladies’ man who shouldn’t be on the menu, but that doesn’t mean he’s immune to Tatum’s quirky charm. Giving her lie a kernel of truth, they decide some no-strings-attached fun between the sheets can’t hurt. But as Tatum’s forced to keep making up stories to cover her original fib, she has a hard time separating what’s real and what’s fake—including her feelings for Jason.

With too many tales spun, Tatum can only watch in horror as her collection of yarns begins to unravel, leaving everyone she cares about feeling betrayed. After so many lies, will it be too late to set the record straight? And more importantly, will she be able to convince Jason there’s truth in their love?divider_line (1)

Oh boy, is this book is one tangled web! Tatum really creates a hot mess when she makes up a fake boyfriend. The best part? They met once. This was a quirky romance where shit hits the fan real quick and one harmless lie explodes. It’s a friends-with-benefits (we all know how those end) story and it’s about two people recovering from heartbreak.

It did take me a while to get into the story simply because I struggled with the writing. I think there was even a part in the beginning where the tense changed suddenly and I was thrown off.

Tatum’s coworkers are seriously The Worst. They believe her lies to the point of them making up rumours to go along with them. I was definitely annoyed that Tatum let the lies continue to spiral for so long. She had so many opportunities to set everything straight! I also kept waiting for this big blow up to happen, but it kind of fizzled?

Also, the whole Jason as a “ladies’ man” didn’t really work for me because first of all he wasn’t trying to charm every woman he met and second his so-called reputation was way in the past. Really, both Tatum and Jason were victims of the vicious rumour mill.

This was a cute story, but I wish I felt more invested in it. There were fun characters and I did enjoy Tatum’s quirk and Kelsey’s sass, but the main romance kind of got lost somewhere along the line for me. I think there was just a total lie overload and it was pretty slow-going. Overall this was an okay romance for me and it did have its moments, especially involving the grandma!

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