Wrap Ups

September Wrap Up


I’m kind bummed because I read one whole book from last month’s TBR, but it’s largely due to my recent obsession with The City of Brass (I mean, how could I not instantly read the sequel?). While I read half the amount of books as I did in August, I did read some pretty heavy books (literally and figuratively).

The Kingdom of Copper was a pretty hefty read and it kept me busy for a bit. Let’s be honest, though, because I clearly wanted to savour the heck out of it because the third book isn’t out yet. Last month also blessed me with Well Met, which I’m pretty obsessed with. Have I screamed at everybody to read it? You betcha. Why? #CaptainLeatherPants, for obvious reasons. Oh, and bad Shakespeare jokes of course. The nerd in me loved the heck out of it! Ninth House was that other heavy book I was talking about. It tackles sexual assault for starters, and it gets pretty dark and disturbing at times. But it also has lots of magic and paranormal stuff happening too. Oh, and murder. I’m still trying to recover.

What have you been reading lately? Have we been reading any of the same books? Are any of these on your TBR? Let me know in the comments!

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