[Review] The Merciful Crow by Margaret Owen

*I received a copy of this title from Indigo Books & Music Inc. in exchange for an honest review*

Title: The Merciful Crow
Author: Margaret Owen
Publisher: Henry Holt
Publication Date: July 30, 2019

A future chieftain

Fie abides by one rule: look after your own. Her Crow caste of undertakers and mercy-killers takes more abuse than coin, but when they’re called to collect royal dead, she’s hoping they’ll find the payout of a lifetime.

A fugitive prince

When Crown Prince Jasimir turns out to have faked his death, Fie’s ready to cut her losses—and perhaps his throat. But he offers a wager that she can’t refuse: protect him from a ruthless queen, and he’ll protect the Crows when he reigns.

A too-cunning bodyguard

Hawk warrior Tavin has always put Jas’s life before his, magically assuming the prince’s appearance and shadowing his every step. But what happens when Tavin begins to want something to call his own?
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Review: OH MY, what a wild ride this book was! I honestly didn’t really know much of what I was getting into with this story, but WOW. While things did start off a bit slow and it took me a little to get into it, I fell for it hard. I seriously dig all the characters and Fie was insanely fierce and protective of her band of Crows. The magic system and world building in this book are incredible and I have to say the whole tooth magic thing is insanely cool.

So essentially this book starts off with Fie and her band of Crows mercy-killing people who catch the plague. There’s a caste system in place in this world and Crows are at the bottom of the food chain. Every caste has its own unique abilities and the Phoenixes are right at the top, ruling over everyone. When Fie ends up hauling away two bodies from the palace, she has no idea it’s Prince Jasimir and his Hawk bodyguard Tavin.

Tavin is a serious charmer and I loved the banter between him and Fie. They butt heads right from the start and I loved every minute of it! Jas is more of the silent, broody type and lets his Hawk do all the talking most of the time. I really liked how they balanced each other out.

I won’t say too much, but basically the three of them end up on the run together and it becomes a pretty epic journey! There was a pretty good twist, but there were a ton of great hints towards it throughout the book. I love when I guess the twists!

If you loved The Boneless Mercies, you will seriously love The Merciful Crow! It has magic, romance, danger, betrayal, family, an epic journey, and a race against time. This book will leave you craving the sequel!

3 thoughts on “[Review] The Merciful Crow by Margaret Owen”

  1. I started the audiobook but just couldn’t catch the story. Maybe it’s because of Amy Landon or this book reads better as the ebook…….


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