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June TBR

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Last month I was able to not only complete my TBR, but I also surpassed it and my own reading expectations?! Somehow I managed to sneak three more books in during the month (thank you romance binge!) and I’m kind of proud of myself. Considering how busy I’ve been lately, I’m surprised I got that much reading time, but I guess it helps that I’ve been trying to read (almost) every day. Anyway, after much deliberation here are the books I’m hoping to read in June:

I’m finally going to get around to Circe after saying I’ll read it for a while now and I can’t wait because The Song of Achilles was amazing! I decided to keep mixing up genres because it seems to work for me the best when it comes to deciding my reads for the month. Too much of one genre usually causes me to burn out and I’d hate to get into a slump! I feel like six books is a good number to stick to because I seem to be managing better and not stressing myself out about falling behind or being buried by books. Hopefully I can also sneak in some extra books like I did in May!

Do you set a monthly TBR for yourself? What are you reading this month? Let me know in the comments!

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