#HarperPresents: Sally Thorne and Mhairi McFarlane


So I went to my first non-YA bookish event the other night and had a total blast! It was great because there was tons of mingling, great food, cocktails, and even more laughs. The event was held at Hotel Ocho in Toronto, so I trekked it there on the train and met up with some fellow romance lovers including Hollis @bookhaulholl, Becky @Reading Between Reality & Jess @Books & Blooms.

There were also quite a few familiar faces there as well, which was great! I loved that there was a set menu for the night (you know I had to grab the elderflower cosmo because I’m bougie as hell) and obviously I took advantage of those drink tickets. What is adulting if you’re not having drinks on a casual Tuesday night?

I also grabbed some delicious food (breaded shrimp, bruschetta, and some delicious bread cheese onion thing/don’t know what it was called??) because I was Not Smart and hadn’t eaten all day (whoops).

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I really loved the author interview because Sally and Mhairi’s answers were 110% relatable and they are totally adorable humans. It was great to hear about their writing process and what works for them when it comes to the dreaded blank page, tropes, and even books they would never write (spoiler alert: think Fifty Shades!). But Sally did mention she once wrote a cyborg erotica and got super into it!

When it came to signing time it was great to be able to chat with the authors one on one and not feel rushed. We all went home with a copy of each of their books (I haven’t read any of Mhairi’s books but totally want to!) and a sampler of some rom coms. I also totally brought my copy of The Hating Game for Sally to sign and its amazing to have met one of my fave romance authors. They are also all personalized as well, which makes them feel extra special! My heart is still feeling so full after this event and I’m so glad I got to meet and talk to Sally Thorne in person.

7 thoughts on “#HarperPresents: Sally Thorne and Mhairi McFarlane”

      1. I hear you. I’m in a similar situation. But every time I start complaining I just need to remember everyone who lives in an area that never gets any signing events – it helps 🙂


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