#IndigoYAPreview: Spring 2019 Recap

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I’m still totally reeling from this amazing event hosted by Indigo Teen! I was fortunate enough to attend their Spring YA Preview (this was my first event!) and I had a total blast. Before the actual event, myself and a few other bloggers (A Couple Reads, Flavia the Bibliophile & The Book Order) got to hang out because we got to Toronto super early. So we walked around and grabbed some Starbucks along the way. Let’s just say it was a long event and overtired does not mix well with too much caffeine. We met up with Book Haul Holl later at the event as well!

So we actually got to go into the room early and I was shocked by the amazing set up they did for the event! They did an incredible job and there were so many amazing books to look at (I wish I had shelves like that!) that it was almost overwhelming. Even their new Book Besties were all on display as well as their monthly Teen Staff Picks and Indigo Book Boxes! It was basically book nerd heaven.

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They generously provided food and candy to snack on during the event as well, which was awesome. I also got to meet a few new bloggers and we had a total blast. During the event in between talking about all the books (dang we talked about a ton) there was also some trivia thrown in to pick some prizes. In total, the event ran for about three hours (not counting mingle time or that we got there early) and I was half asleep on the table, but I powered through. I definitely saw a few titles that caught my eye during the presentation that I hadn’t even heard of before, including a few that had already been on my list! We also discussed several other things as well, including the Book Besties (more designs on the way!), Indigo Book Box, and Penguin Minis (SO cute)! Here are all the books (be warned, it’s a lot) we talked about during the event:


I’m really excited for Broken Throne to come out and The Rage of Dragons just sounds incredible (think Black Panther x Game of Thrones)!


I definitely need to start reading some more poetry! I’d only heard of Pillow Thoughts before, but these all sound awesome.


I have to say I hadn’t heard of any of these, but Stay Sexy & Don’t Get Murdered is definitely on my radar. I’ve been listening to their podcast and I’m loving it.


Now I don’t normally go for graphic novels, but Pumpkinheads just sounds adorable! I was also intrigued by Black Bird because they said it’s perfect for fans of The Magicians.


Again, manga isn’t really my cup of tea, but I do really love Sailor Moon.


Normally I struggle to find good contemporary books, but several of these have my attention: Hello Girls (Thelma and Louise retelling), The Princess and the Fangirl (it sounds adorkable!), With the Fire on High (there’s bound to be tons of food involved), and The Exact Opposite of Okay (which to me kind of sounds like the TV show Awkward).


Right off the gate, you know I’m pumped for the P.S. I Still Love You movie! It’s bound to be hella cute. I’m also super intrigued by Good Omens and Artemis Fowl as well.


Well, at this point we all know I have a thing for YA fantasy. Top of my list are Nocturna, Descendant of the Crane, Kingsbane, We Hunt the Flame, The Tiger at Midnight, and Wicked Saints. New additions to my list are The Devouring Gray (will it be too creepy?) and Sorcery of Thorns (romance? I’m IN).


Spin the Dawn sounds so good! I’m noticing a serious fashion theme in YA books this year. Now I haven’t even read When Dimple Met Rishi yet, but There’s Something About Sweetie has such a fun cover!


Shatter Me is one book that has been in my TBR for a while now. I should probably read it…right?


I absolutely love the cover for Wilder Girls. It’s just so intriguing and creepy to look at! I read Rule last year, but the paperback is coming and so is the sequel.


This set of books just makes me happy to look at! Contemporary romance covers just keep getting more colourful and fun and I’m here for it. Top of my list? The Bride Test (who loved The Kiss Quotient?!), The Unhoneymooners (more CLo books yaaaas), The Wedding Party (more Carlos please?), and Red, White & Royal Blue (the queer rom com we’ve been waiting for).


Hot Dog Girl just looks so fun and cute and the cover brings me so much joy. Remember what I said about contemporary books? Well, cute ones are right up my alley!


You bet We Rule the Night and The Storm Crow are already on my TBR! Seven Blades in Black looks intriguing as well as Crown of Coral and Pearl.


We went and talked about all the awesome spring books and then got a sneak peek of what’s coming in fall. I have to say, hands down that The Beautiful is #1 for me because vampires are making a comeback and I’m already obsessed! Next on my list is the sequel to Children of Blood and Bone because the first book was so good.

AfterlightImageAfter the presentation, we were allowed to take anything in the room! Since Indigo is moving their head office, everything had to go. Let me tell you, it was insane because so much was happening and there was a crazy amount of books. I’m still kind of in shock that it happened because it was a total book high! Not including those books/items, everyone also went home with a swag bag filled with more books. Oh, and everyone also got a Book Bestie in their bag as well, which was a fun surprise. I also managed to grab a second one as well. Here are all the books I received/grabbed:
Red, White & Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston
Wilder Girls by Rory Power
Spin the Dawn by Elizabeth Lim
Dark Shores by Danielle L. Jensen
The Merciful Crow by Margaret Owen
A Dress for the Wicked by Autumn Krause
The Devouring Gray by Christine Lynn Herman
The Dead Queens Club by Hannah Capin
99 Percent Mine by Sally Thorne
With the Fire on High by Elizabeth Acevedo
The Beholder by Anna Bright
Crown of Feathers by Nicki Pau Preto
Grace and Fury by Tracy Banghart

I can’t thank Indigo Teen enough for the invite! It was such a blast and I look forward to future events in their new office. I’m still completely overwhelmed and I feel totally spoiled by the entire day.

Are any of these titles on your TBR? Did anything catch your eye?

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