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February TBR

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Well last month I did pretty good on my tbr, but I moved three to this month that I didn’t get to. I’m even more determined this month to read those Leigh Bardugo books, especially with King of Scars out now. I’ve been saying I’ll read them for months, but I keep putting them off. The procrastination is real. Here are the books I’m hoping to read this month:

I’ll be honest and say that I’m probably most excited to read 99 Percent Mine because I’ve been absolutely dying since reading The Hating Game. Which reminds me…I have a ton of romance books to catch up on! Maybe if I’m good I can sneak some in this month because they pretty quick, easy reads.

What are you reading this month? Are there any books you’ve been putting off? Let me know in the comments!

10 thoughts on “February TBR”

  1. 99% Mine sounds so cute! I haven’t read The Hating Game yet but both of those books are on my TBR! I’m also interested in The Cerulean even though space books aren’t usually my thing, but I really liked the first two books of her other series so we’ll see.

    Happy reading, I hope you enjoy these 🙂

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    1. It does! You should definitely read all the Sally Thorne! 😏 I’ll be honest I don’t actually know what The Cerulean is about but I did enjoy her other trilogy. I’m really hoping it’s bot sci-fi because that is so not my genre…

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  2. I had to return Crooked Kingdom to the library todayyy hahaha. Guess I’ll have to finish it with the audiobook only. And I’ll hopefully be reading 99 Percent Mine too (even though I haven’t read The Hating Game yet * facepalm *). Great TBR, Brittany! And happy reading!

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      1. Haha the audiobook is good! And I knooooww I shouldn’t have borrowed it when I did because I was drowning in books at the time haha. And I hope we both get lots of reading done too!


  3. nice choices! I’m going to finally finish Vengeful and then hopefully read Six of Crows, Crooked Kingdom, and King of Scars. IF I have time I’ll possibly start Queen of Air and Darkness because I’m a slow poke and haven’t started that yet. (oops!)

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