Wrap Ups

2018 Wrap Up & Goals for 2019

This year was such an exciting year for me reading-wise because not only did I complete my reading goal early, I also read more than I set out to! I discovered so many new and exciting series, authors, and genres I didn’t know I needed. There were books that made me laugh and cry and then there were those that made me want to punch a wall in frustration. This year was definitely a total ride for me because I tried to alternate genres more so I didn’t end up in reading slumps. Plot twist: it works…as long as I don’t leave a large gap between books. Obviously there were a few months where I just couldn’t decide what mood I was in or decide what to pick up next. My indecisiveness cost me a bit, but I still managed to power through.

This year I had so many new experiences and I seized so many incredible opportunities. I attended book previews hosted by publishers (here, here, and here) where I met some amazing new blogger friends! In January I was able to attend a screening to see Love, Simon (which, if you haven’t seen it, is absolutely fantastic). Back in May, I was able to see/meet Victoria Aveyard and get all my books signed, which was super fun! Then in October I got to see/meet Madeline Miller and got my books signed as well. Throughout the year I was also invited to take part in several blog tours, which was super fun.

Here’s to 2019 and setting new goals and challenges for myself as a reader! I’m also excited to see what new opportunities come my way. I hope to continue to read widely and diversely and dip my toes in some new genres. One of my goals is also to finish a few book series I’ve been putting off for a while—I’m looking at you King’s Cage, Ruin and Rising, Crooked Kingdom, and The Crown’s Fate. I should also probably try to get through some of the books that have been collecting dust on my shelf. This year is going to be a great year for reading and I look forward to evolving as a reader and (hopefully) procrastinating less.

How was 2018 for you reading/goal-wise? Do you have any 2019 goals either book/non-book related? Let me know in the comments!

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