[Review] Tell Me by Abigail Strom

*I received a copy of this title from the publisher in exchange for an honest review*

Title: Tell Me
Author: Abigail Strom
Publisher: MontlakeRomance
Publication Date: October 1, 2017

Shy bookstore owner Jane Finch grew up hiding in the margins of her own life while her vibrant, adventure-loving sister, Samantha, dominated every plotline. She’s made peace with it, unlike Sam’s business partner, Caleb, who’s always nudging Jane to go after what she really wants. Why should she care what blunt, brash Caleb thinks? They’ve never had much in common, except for Sam.

After tragedy strikes, they don’t even have that.

Caleb can’t quite remember when Sam’s little sister stopped being like a surrogate sibling to him and became just…Jane. She’s the most intriguing woman he’s ever met, and so much sexier and stronger than she thinks. On the emotional journey to honor Sam’s memory, the spark they’ve tried to deny becomes an inferno. This journey was meant to be an ending, but will they discover an unexpected new beginning?divider_line (1)Review:

This was such a heartwarming friends-to-lovers romance! I totally identified with Jane’s character because of her awkward bookworm personality. She owns a bookstore and is basically living every book lover’s Belle fantasy of being surrounded by books. Jane is the total opposite of her sister Sam, who is adventurous, spontaneous, and lives her life one hike at a time alongside her business partner and good friend Caleb. Caleb lives for the great outdoors and he dresses like a cowboy, which shouldn’t be Jane’s type at all, except lately she’s been getting weird feelings when he’s around.

After Sam’s death, Jane and Caleb’s friendship becomes complicated. Jane completely shuts down emotionally and in her misery she allows herself to find comfort in Caleb in ways she never thought she would. The problem is that both of them have always secretly like each other, but were too afraid to ruin their friendship. Plus, Jane believes that Caleb is out of her league and would never take a second look at her. But then they take a spontaneous road trip and oh boy do things heat up rather quickly!

This book focused a lot on sister relationships and the bond between Jane and Sam was totally authentic because there was a constant tension as guys always flocked to Sam and Jane was always ignored. Every guy Jane seems to find always forgets about her when her sister walks into the room, and she’s always fuming in jealousy over it. She’s sick and tired of always coming in second to her sister.

My only issue with this book is that Sam’s death was kind of glazed over a bit as there was a sudden time jump right after and it kind of threw me for a loop. There is definitely strong themes of self-esteem and insecurity dealt with throughout this book. It made me laugh and cry and if you love totally sappy, Nicholas Sparks-esque love stories then I recommend it! I think what I liked about this one is how authentic everything was. It wasn’t covered up with fluff, and it was emotionally raw. I really enjoyed the personal journey that Jane went through in this book as well. She has to deal with her sister’s death as well as confusing romantic feelings and it was interesting to see how things were resolved. I look forward to the second book!








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