Waiting on Wednesday

Waiting on Wednesday

Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Breaking the Spine that features highly anticipated book releases.

Title: Damsel
Author: Elana K. Arnold
Publisher: Balzer + Bray
Publication Date: October 2, 2018

The rite has existed for as long as anyone can remember: when the prince who will be king comes of age, he must venture out into the gray lands, slay a fierce dragon, and rescue a damsel to be his bride. This is the way things have always been.

When Ama wakes in the arms of Prince Emory, she knows none of this. She has no memory of what came before she was captured by the dragon or what horrors she faced in its lair. She knows only this handsome prince, the story he tells of her rescue, and her destiny of sitting on a throne beside him. It’s all like a dream, like something from a fairy tale. 

As Ama follows Emory to the kingdom of Harding, however, she discovers that not all is as it seems. There is more to the legends of the dragons and the damsels than anyone knows—and the greatest threats are not behind her, but around her, and closing in.divider_line (1)
Why am I excited?

Total cover crush! This sounds like a classic fairy tale story, but I’m guessing there is a TON of secrets and betrayal in this one. I love a good book that keeps me on my toes and guessing, so I’m really looking forward to this fantasy. Also, it has DRAGONS. I honestly don’t know what is going to happen in this book, but I can only imagine it’s nothing short of epic! For some reason I’m also have total flashbacks to The Paper Bag Princess by Robert Munsch?

Is this book on your TBR? What other fantasy books are you looking forward to? Any other dragon books you love? Let me know in the comments!

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