[Review] Jumanji

Title: Jumanji
Release Date: December 22, 2017

I’m going to start by saying that this movie was definitely worth seeing! It starts off with teens who get detention and end up getting sucked into Jumanji. It’s impossible to compare to the original with Robin Williams because it’s definitely a lot different than most people think, but in a good way. I would call this a sequel over a remake any day.
Kevin Hart and Jack Black definitely stole the show because they were comedic gold! I found myself close to tears from laughing so hard a few times. Let’s be honest, Kevin Hart is funny in any situation. But the fact that jack Black played a teenage girl was so unexpected and hilarious! He just did it so well, but he is the last actor I expected to pull that one off! Kudos, Jack, kudos.

The entire plot basically revolves around the characters trying to simultaneously escape the game and save Jumanji while doing so. The villain fell a bit short for me as I feel there could have been more done with him, but the combination of actors more than made up for it. I also wish there were maybe more risks taken in the movie, perhaps some more difficult obstacles? It felt almost too easy and predictable. There was a great Easter Egg laid out for fans of the original Jumanji as well!

Overall, an unexpectedly great comedy and action/adventure movie if you’re into that! It also may have a slight bit of awkward flirting, man-eating hippos, cake-induced explosions, and great one-liners.

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