[Review] American Assassin

Title: American Assassin
Release Date: September 15, 2017

As soon as I heard Dylan O’Brien was going to be in this movie it became a must-see. I never really knew what the movie was about, but the trailers made it look amazing. Plus, assassins.

The beginning was kind of confusing, but once it delved more into Rapp’s own issues everything became more clear. Basically, he is a vigilante who is recruited by the CIA. The only thing is that he refuses to follow orders and is often more trouble than he’s worth.There was definitely no shortage of action in this movie, but it could’ve used a bit more character development. Action sequences and suspense were enough to keep the plot going, but there needed to be more backstory. Everything appeared at surface level and there was so much left unsaid.

Michael Keaton did a great job playing his part as Rapp’s mentor, and I loved that he was a bit of a psychopath as well. Overall a great movie plot-wise but it could have used more background information to tie things together. Especially with the villain because he kind of just came out of nowhere and was all like “I’m going to blow things up!”

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