Halloween Movies I Love


Hocus Pocus

This is honestly a classic for me! I have to admit that the beginning still creeps me out when they lure the girl into the forest, but other than that it’s hilarious! I watch it religiously every year around Halloween and no one will ever stop me.


Please tell me everyone has seen this movie! I think it’s one of the most iconic (non-scary) Halloween movies out there. It stars the amazing Debbie Reynolds (RIP) as Aggie Cromwell, who tells her grandchildren that they are in fact witches. Halloweentown is Halloween all year round and this movie series is just perfect. Let’s not forget Billy, the skeleton who is always trying to crack a joke!


Okay, so admittedly I haven’t seen this one in a while but everyone needs a little Beetlejuice in their life. Michael Keaton does an amazing job playing this character and the whole movie is just all around hilarious. It involves a recently deceased couple who try to scare humans out of their house.


Twins who were adopted by separate families reunite as teenagers and discover that they are witches. Why does Disney have all the best movies? The Mowry sisters are perfect in this movie as they battle darkness to save their world.


Okay. Seriously the cutest movie ever. It breaks my heart every time I watch this because I ship Kat and Casper SO hard. It never fails to make me cry by the end and I love it. Ghost befriends girl and they save the world? Briliant. just brilliant. I always loved Casper as a child, so this movie is a bit nostalgic for me.


Who you gonna call? Need I even say more about this movie? It is basically legendary and I thank the movie gods for putting this into existence. If we’re being honest, I did not enjoy the remake that much and felt like they tried too hard to be funny. Except for Holtzmann because Kate McKinnon kills me. But the original cast is amazing and they will always be the only Ghostbusters I will ever need. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, I say.

Hotel Transylvania

Obviously this one made the list because it is totally re-watchable and it has become my newest tradition. It’s about a human who stumbles into a world of monsters and falls for Dracula’s daughter while pretending to be a monster.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Who doesn’t love Jack and Sally? This one is about the Pumpkin King trying to take over Christmas because he is bored of his usual routine. What could possibly go wrong in that situation?

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