Book Hauls

August Book Haul

I’m slowly gaining some sense of self-control back after my book-buying binge. It’s so satisfying to say that I only bought ONE book this month! All the other books I got were sent by publishers for review. Can someone please give me a high five or a gold star? I feel like this is a huge moment for me and I can’t wait to keep it up. Maybe purchasing one book a month is a good start. It’s nice not to feel the pressure to have something right away and it feels good to reward myself every once in a while rather than spoil myself and kill my bank account. It’s super refreshing to limit myself this way because I’m known to over-indulge and do things in excess. This way I can finally get to the thing that matters: reading. My TBR pile has been screaming for attention and I’ve been trying to read as much as I can before my life starts to get hectic again. It’s so hard finding that work/school/life balance between reading, blogging and other forms of social media. I’ve been trying not to stress if I don’t post one day and I’ve been trying to cut down on my social media time during the week.

Here’s to a (hopefully) better September!

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