June Wrap Up

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17453983I’m really bad at this whole goal-setting thing, eh? I set out last month to up my game from one book and all I managed to do was finish one and barely start another. Someone should give me an award for biggest procrastinator of the year in the reading category. My Goodreads Challenge keeps taunting me as I fall further behind schedule (currently three books) but I’ve still got until the end of the year. The pure lack of motivation has been real lately and I think I finally have to admit I’m in another reading slump. *Sigh* I thought a good romance binge would help, but apparently not. If anyone has suggestions, then I’m all ears because this is getting ridiculous. I pick up a book and then I find myself in an endless cycle of losing interest and having a stack of half finished books staring back at me from my bookshelf.23153016

The one book I did manage to read this month was contemporary romance, though, which is a step in the right direction. Somehow I need to get from that to the fantasy genre (in which I seem to have accumulated a ton of books), which seems impossible right now. I’m trying to read through my TBR by year of publication, but so far it’s proving to be more difficult than I thought, because I have so many different genres happening it’s giving me a literary headache. Anyway, I hope to finish The DUFF at the very least by the end of the month so I can at least feel better about last month’s slack-a-thon in the reading department.



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