June Book Haul

So this month was the smallest haul I’ve had in a while! I’m super impressed with my self-control as of late and I’m hoping to continue my book-buying ban for the next long while. Here are this month’s spoils:

Image result for harry potter gryffindor edition

We have the fabulous 20th Anniversary Bloomsbury House Editions of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, which are AH-mazing! I got Gryffindor because I had to have Harry’s house, but I’m highly tempted to get Slytherin now that I’ve been sorted into a house. I mean, the sprayed pages alone are stunning and I love the little extras they 32051572added inside the book about the house and such. The only thing I’m not entirely sold on is the matte black dust jacket. Who ever thought these were a good idea? So many finger31202835 smudges! It brings out the OCD in me because no one wants to display a smudgy book. Also, lets talk about the fact that someone put a STICKER on the back of the cover. *Cries* Not only am I afraid to take it off and destroy my beautiful book, but lets say I do manage to remove it…there will still be a smudge of sticky goo on my cover! Okay, rant complete. Now, the other books I got this month were Dividing Eden (Three Dark Crowns vibes, amirite?) and How To Be A Bawse by Lilly Singh (who doesn’t want to be a bawse?)


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